Feng Shui And Your Home Interior Design

Feng Shui, when relating to home design, is a topic that is gaining more momentum and is becoming more well known in Western society.Centuries, or in fact thousands of years ago, Feng Shui was known only to the wealthiest and most powerful of Chinese families, including emperors and empresses of China. The royal families used the concept of Feng Shui to influence the harmony and prosperity of their palaces and homes.In the modern day, as a result of this knowledge becoming known among the rest of Asia, and now in the West including Europe and the US, these principles are now being embraced, regardless of their cultural background.See, the principles of Feng Shui are based on the concept of ‘chi’ or energy. And since we are all energy, it is believed that the energy from environmental forces have an effect on our lives. So how does this affect our choice of homes, and our homes designs?Well, there are several points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your home or home design:Tip 1Firstly, Feng Shui is used to analyse land forms surrounding the home to determine whether the energy or ‘chi’ surrounding the home is favourable or not.This includes locations of hills and mountains, water and certain man-made objects around the house. While this is not the actual house design itself, it is considered to have an important impact from a Feng Shui perspective. If you’re looking for a new home or land to build a new home, then this will be especially relevant.Tip 2Secondly, there is the environment immediately surrounding the home, and visible from the home to consider.These include what is visible while standing looking out from your front door, and the area immediately surrounding the house. If you’re looking to build or looking for a new home, then you can either learn more about this topic or hire a Feng Shui practitioner to assess the property for you.Tip 3Thirdly, comes the interior of the home.There are many considerations for your home interior, including the location of stairs in the home, the location of the bedroom and kitchen, the shapes of the rooms and height of the ceilings and the location of water in the home, including the bathrooms and ponds.You can learn more from a book, online courses or from a practitioner to find out the details about how to assess a potential new home, and to screen it from a Feng Shui perspective.In conclusion, these are the 3 areas to be aware of when assessing any home from a Feng Shui point of view. You can learn it yourself, or you can use a practitioner to help you assess a home if you’re new. Feng Shui is just one of the tools that you can apply when assessing a potential new home.

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